Dominant Sexual Power Review – Vin DiCarlo’s DSP Any Good???


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Hey dudes! Thanks for stopping by my website I set up to discuss and take a realistic look at Vin DiCarlo’s Dominant Sexual Power program. Like a lot of guys, I had been hearing about the “DSP” and wondering what the 33 innocent words from the program were, until my curiosity finally got the better of me and I decided to actually sit down a review the course material…

[This is a review of Dominant Sexual Power- Click Here for The Official Website…]

I know that nobody wants to read a really long, drawn out review, so I’m gonna try to keep this as short and sweet as possible while still covering all the main points that you may want to know about!

Why I Was So Interested In Vin’s “Dominant Sexual Power”

One thing you should know about me, is that I’m borderline obsessed with self-improvement. And as a guy, one of the main things that I always want to be improving is the quality of women that I have in my life, and the quality of my relationships with them. Of course I read other self-help stuff too – but the stuff about girls, is my favorite… for obvious reasons!

So, this has led me to read dozens of books by all the top-dating coaches, PUAs, and other various experts, and in general I really like this type of material so long as it is introducing me to new and fresh ideas… That said I’ve kinda slowed down a bit with this stuff because I’ve already been through all of the more popular courses, and have already absorbed more than enough info to do very well with the ladies :)

But, I was already a big fan of Vin from his other programs, so when DSP came out I was like YO! I just have gotta see what this is all about – because if there are really words that you can sneak into a normal innocent conversation to get a chick turned on, then you know I have to have that…

The Main Things You Learn In DSP (And Exactly What You Get…)

Although the title kinda makes it sound like this is about being a stud in the bedroom, this course is really about having that dominant power in your interactions and relationships outside the bedroom, to help you make it to the bedroom later on! (Although a couple of the bonuses do cover bedroom stuff in detail…)

Instead the core part of the program is divided into four main modules or “pillars” as Vin refers to them as… Here’s a short breakdown:

Vision: This one surprised me because a lot of times my eyes kinda gloss over when I start hearing about “inner game” stuff. However, the program doesn’t use cheesy terminology like that, and the info in this section was actually really, really good. Vin talks a lot about “vision” which is like having a path that you are on in life, and being committed to that vision and how this is so attractive to women. But one of the cool things is that it’s not like you need to turn into some super ambitious guy or anything to make this work, instead you can just learn to think about  things differently and Vin shows you how…

Compliance: In this section they get into using compliance and “frames” to get women into you.. It’s a little complicated to write about because there are a lot of concepts involved, but Vin and his instructors go into great detail and use a lot of examples from their own lives which makes everything very easy to understand… Basically it’s ways of using psychology and NLP (neuro-linguistic programming) to invest more and more into the interaction or relationship and become extremely attracted to you. When I first heard about “compliance” I thought that it sounded a bit creepy to try to get a girl to comply with my wishes and so forth, but Vin explains the concept eloquently, and explains that this is something that you are already doing with people in social interaction anyways… The trouble is that most people do this stuff wrong, so it really pays to learn how to use these powerful tools the right way.

Shaping: This is an awesome module and it’s something that would be really handy particularly for guys in relationships or guys who want to get into a relationship in the future. Basically this allows you to “shape” a woman so that she behaves the way that you want her to, and so that she treats you right. Again, to an outsider this may sound manipulative, but if used correctly what you are really doing is getting her to bring out her best side of herself so that she is a happy, more positive person, which of course is important cuz you don’t want to be dating some grumpy complaining chick!

Sexual Tension: Obviously – my favorite section! Here Vin and his instructors share tons of tested methods for amping up the sexual tension with a woman so that she is massively turned on and highly aroused :) This stuff is really the main reason I was interested in the course and they definitely deliver in this section…

I should note that these modules are all basically like audio recordings of Vin and his instructors taking turns talking about this stuff and telling related anecdotes. I found this format really awesome, because you aren’t just listening to one person the whole time, and they all share different perspectives and insights.

In addition to this core part of the course you also get the “Innocent Words” that turn her on, 12 weeks of video coaching with Vin where he goes deeper into everything and answers questions from other customers to help you apply the material effectively in the real world. There are also 5 additional Bonus programs included with the course…


1) The Format – As I just mentioned I liked the  audio format, and the fact that there are other guys on it with Vin so that you get to hear different takes on the different concepts and methods.

2) Lots of real Life Examples – I like the fact that Vin and the instructors  constantly refer back to stories and examples from their own lives. I hate in in other courses where they just tell you a concept or method and leave it up to you so far as how to apply it…

3) The content on Sexual Tension – Seriously, this is the best material I’ve seen ANYWHERE on how to properly use sexual tension to get a woman turned on. This stuff is pure gold and well worth the price of the whole program.


1) Very In-Depth Material – If you are just looking for a quick little ebook you can flip through to pick up a couple of tips or pick-up lines, then this will probably overwhelm you. This is more of a course for guys who are really serious about becoming really attractive to women and learning how to use things like shaping, compliance, and sexual tension to get the kind of women they want consistently… And to make that happen you definitely need the ability to go through the whole program, take notes and then go take action!

My Conclusion… 

As I said, I’ve been through several dozed programs on women, dating, social dynamics, NLP etc… And honestly Dominant Sexual Power is my new FAVORITE course.

The material is just so good that I can’t imagine a single guy who wouldn’t benefit greatly from this course. No matter if you are a complete mess with women or you are a guy who already does well, you will walk away from this course with so many new skills, tools and ideas, it’s just crazy… Honestly it’s the kind of thing I will probably just keep listening to over and over and over again because I find it extremely motivational! Click the button below to get Dominant Sexual Power now!

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